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5 reasons why you should build a landing page

It’s really easy to think you can do your business as usual without a landing page, but a business without a great converting landing page in today’s economy is leaving a lot of money on the table without knowing. If you are reading this then it suggests that you might not have a landing page and you are currently considering the fact that you really need one.

What’s a landing page?

A Landing page is simply a single page under the domain of your website where traffic of people go for only a single purpose of getting something specific from you, whether it’s a free book, a free video, a checklist, or an offer. 

Now that that’s out of the way, we would like you to consider 5 reasons why you really need one today.

  1. A single call-to-action:

Unlike a website, your landing is targeted at just giving out one offer and one call to action.
The website has a lot of call-to-action and thus making it difficult for the users to make any serious buying decisions for themselves.

This is what is responsible for the low conversion of traffic to sales for many business owners because they are not giving the users the opportunity to have just one offer without any distraction.

  • Showcase (and optimize) your offers:

Like it has been stated earlier your landing page allows you to showcase your offers and with great copywriting, you can get more sales and conversions.

This is why it is important to have great copywriting skills or a great copywriter on your team.

It takes more than just words to get people to take action.

  • Targeted messaging:

Another thing a landing page will do for you is to help you target your message to your target audience like an arrow targeted to hit the right target.

A full website can have different messages at the same time but it is not laser-focused to fulfill a particular purpose.

  • Improved search campaigns

People majorly go to Google to search for solutions they are in need of, and by the search results they get connected to the businesses or people who provide the services they actually need.

With the right Google ads campaigns, you can rank higher on Google search and drive more traffic to your landing page which will mean more conversions.

  • Testing insights:

You can only scale the results you can calculate. A landing page can let you know how many people visit your site per time and how they converted so you know what to tweak and what to test next.

Your landing page is the most powerful page on your website, and if you know how to harness the elements of a highly converting landing page, you will in no time begin to take in more conversions for whatever purpose you want to achieve.

In another blog post, we will be sharing other great content about landing pages e.g: types of landing pages and how they are used, elements of a highly converting website, and many more.
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Cheers to your success.


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