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  • 4 ways to become present online.

    4 ways to become present online.

    Is it too late to become intentional about your journey online? Well, NO!, It’s not late at all. Because over 70% of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) don’t have a solid online presence, starting today will give you the obvious advantage. So if you are really interested in taking your online journey serious, here are…

  • The Future of Web Development

    The Future of Web Development

    A website is more important than anything for every business when it comes to reaching clients online. Every business knows today the need to have a website and is trying to design and create the best website to take its products or services online. Web development and design agency such as Teamjaketech bring their technical skills and…

  • Why you need a website

    Why you need a website

    Many companies all over the world have migrated their services and started marketing to online audiences, the reason is that the Internet market is a daily growing source for all kinds of industries, you could easily beat your competition just by having a website online!  Yet saying this, there are still companies and businesses without…