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The Future of Web Development

A website is more important than anything for every business when it comes to reaching clients online. Every business knows today the need to have a website and is trying to design and create the best website to take its products or services online. Web development and design agency such as Teamjaketech bring their technical skills and experience to the creation and production of exclusive websites capable of attracting potential clients.

Since technological advancement has made most of the people on this planet mobile-friendly, the future of web development has now shifted to building mobile apps as well as eCommerce websites which the users/customers can make use of within just a few taps on their smartphones.

Businesses now tend to depend more on the online purchases made by their customers on their apps or websites rather than the traditional stores thus the web developers now need to be more focused on the evolving trends.

The technology landscape is evolving with artificial intelligence, computer education, the Internet of Things, and quantum computing. This signals that we are on the road to a technologically transforming future.

But Sad to say,

The future of web development is not custom, but it is highly customizable.


Here are the key drivers and contributors to this change:

Trend 1: Web presence is no longer optional.

From mom-and-pop stores to restaurant chains and global retailers, businesses have awakened to the power of connecting with digital audiences, particularly via websites.

Whether existing or new to the market, they now realize that web presence is key to survival and the ability to thrive during and post the pandemic.

Trend 2: Custom web development is expensive. COVID-hit businesses cannot afford it.

Developing an average corporate site in the US can set you back by well over $20 grand – and that’s just for a simple informational site.

eCommerce solutions and dynamic content can easily go over $50k.

Offshoring could save you a few $ thousands, but sometimes at the expense of quality.

Plus, we haven’t even touched on maintenance and scaling the website.

This is out of reach for most businesses, particularly as budgets shrank during the COVID crisis.

Trend 4: Custom development takes time. Clients don’t have the patience for it.

Even if the market were to be miraculously flooded with software developers and the cost of this talent went down, this still wouldn’t make much of a difference to the custom web development project lead time.

How many times have you provided an optimistic development timeframe only to double it, whatever the causes may be – employee turnover or similar operational issues, client involvement (too much or lack of), endless bugs, and so on.

An average web development project can easily span over two months for a simple corporate website.

Closing Statements

Web development is a field that is constantly evolving. If you choose a career in web development, you would need to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Always remember that a website is the face of a business, and if you ever need the perfect face for your business, never hesitate to contact us


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